Kinds of Deburring Machines

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Published: 07th January 2011
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Deburring machines are important tools most particularly on removing jagged edges and excess materials from the several parts of metals and woods. These machines are very useful in accomplishing the deburring process with efficiency, consistency and high quality.

There are actually two types of this machines that are used to perfect any piece of work. The first type is the tumbling or barrel machine and the second type is the vibratory machine. In mass finishing the material parts, the tumblers are practically used. Aside from that, this type is also helpful in wet and dry finishing. These are designed to perform fast and efficient on the process of deburring in plastic and metal parts.

You may choose from among the available models that come in variety of sizes ranging from compact bench models up to big barrels which can be fixed on the floors. These systems are necessary in use when performing the deburring process most especially if the work demands for heavy deburring. The barrels are used for heavy loads. For sensitive deburring that implies producing a smooth finish, dry tumbling is actually used. On the other hand, for metal processing in removing excess materials and in providing a good polish, the wet barreling is used.

The vibratory deburring machines can similarly be used for mass finishing like the first type. This works by shaking or vibrating the vessel that causes the finishing components and parts to grind with each other which will then allow workers to accomplish deburring and generate the good polish. These machines are accurate and precise which enables it to deburr recesses in the component and making it well suited for intricate and highly sensitive materials. These are also useful when working in wide and huge surfaces due to their very short strokes and their fast speeds. Compared to tumblers, these machines are simple and easy to automate.

There is another type of deburring machine is this is called the blasting machine wherein media is blasted on the parts using high pressure and this creates the finishing action. This type is used to deburr the parts that are difficult to reach and for the purpose of cleaning rust, dust and the like. There are other types of this machine that you will find very useful in your work such as spin finishing machines that are designed for specialized purposes. Deburring machines are great partners that workers should make good use of because their function translates producing high quality and better output.

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